Dermatologists Explain How to Prevent Sagging Jowls

●  What kind of person are you?

You may be one of those people who get up every morning, looks in the mirror, and then rubs his fingers against the loose skin hanging from his chin. You can also believe that you are condemned to the fact that every day your face will look more like that of a bulldog puppy and that A fearsome bag will accompany you like a torment until your last breath.

Losing your crisp jawline can show your age like nothing else!

On the contrary, it can be that you’re one of those who doesn’t see your aging jowls as a big problem because conditions such as for overweight, thick skin, or abundance of facial collagen, make the area keep a little tighter.

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In addition to genetic factors that positively influence the non-development of these Unsightly bags, their lifestyle and environmental factors are also elements that we must take into account if we talk about the appearance of the dewlap.

You will surely wonder if it exists a natural way to avoid the development of this annoying leather bag, or what methods exist to minimize its appearance without the need to resort to one that is surgical. It is very likely that most of us will see skin folds at a certain stage of our life, however, certain stages of our life are not factors that may increase these probabilities, some of which we can control and others no.